Account signup
How can I create an account?

- All you need to do is to sign up on the registration page and confirm your details.

Do I need to work as a legal person, or can I work as a natural person?

- You can work as either a natural or a legal person. Choose the account type you need when you sign up.

What must I do to confirm my details?

- We may ask for scans of your ID documents, campaign documents, and other documents allowing us to be sure you are acting legally.

Financial questions
Which payment methods do you accept?

- At the moment we accept Credit Card, Bank Wire, Paxum, and Epayments.

What commission do you charge on a payment?

- An extra commission of 5% is charged on Credit Card payments. On payments by Bank Wire, Paxum, and Epayments the only commission payable is the commission charged by the bank (SHA) or payment system.

Which currency do you use for accounting purposes?

- All our accounting is done in USD.

How do you calculate VAT?

- We pay VAT in the Czech Republic (EU). VAT calculations are carried out according to the rules in your jurisdiction.

What system commission do you charge for traffic?

- The system commission is from 0% to 20%, determined algorithmically on the basis of the type and quality of traffic.

Can I receive an invoice?

- Yes, all invoices for your transactions are kept in your personal area in the Finances section.

Buying traffic
Where does your traffic come from?

- We buy impressions from the biggest and best-tested advertising networks. Each of them ranks among the leaders in its particular niche.

Can I buy traffic from one specified source only?

- Yes, you can choose which advertising network to buy traffic in at the time you create your ad campaign.

Do you make it possible to buy traffic from mobile devices and operators?

- Yes, we determine the ISP / carrier for each advertising impression, and also the mobile browser.

Can I buy mobile traffic based on device type, rather than browser?

- Unfortunately, not all advertising networks use the OpenRTB protocol, and purchase by device type is very limited. But 100% of traffic is identified by browser and ISP