Privacy Policy


This policy of confidentiality of personal data (hereinafter – Privacy Policy) will apply to all information which STEKALEX s.r.o. Lasenicka 1512, Kyje, 198 00 Praha 9. Praha, Czech Republic. ICO 27442624. VAT ID CZ27442624 (hereinafter – Company) may receive about the user during the use of the website –


    The following terms and concepts are used in the present Privacy Policy:

    ADMINISTRATION OF BIDEXCHANGER.COM (hereinafter – website Administration)” – personnel authorized to manage the website, acting on behalf of the Company, who organize and (or) execute the processing of the personal data, as also determine the aims of processing of the personal data, the scope of the personal data to be processed and actions (operations) to be performed with the personal data.

    PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA” - collection, systematization, compilation, storage, sorting (update, change), use, distribution (including transmission), depersonalization, blocking, destruction of personal user data.

    PERSONAL DATA” - any information relating to an individual/legal entity, identified or identifiable on the basis of such information which is required by the Company in connection with the performance of its contractual obligations towards the User. In addition to personal data are data that are automatically transferred to the Services in the process of their use with the help of software which is installed on the User's device, including IP address, information from cookies, user's browser information (or other programs, with which access to the Services is accomplished), access time, address of the requested page.

    USER” - the person who uses the website in a manner regulated by the website Administration.

    • The User's use of the website constitutes acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the terms of the processing of the User’s personal data.
    • In case of disagreement with the terms of the Privacy Policy, the User must stop using the website
    • website Administration verifies the accuracy of personal data provided by users of the site.
    • The User, when using the website, confirms that:
      • he/she has all necessary rights, allowing him/her to register (create an account) and/or to use the services of the website without creating an account;
      • he/she provides sufficient accurate information about himself/herself, essential for the use of the services of the website, mandatory for completing the fields for provision of further services of the website, marked in a special manner, all other information being provided by the User at his/her own discretion.
      • He/she is acquainted with this Policy, agrees with it and assumes the rights and obligations indicated therein. Familiarization with the terms of this Policy, ticking the corresponding box under the link to this Policy or use of the website, or sending data through feedback forms on the site is a written consent by the User to collection, storage, processing and transfer to third parties of the personal data provided by the User.
    • This Privacy Policy sets out the obligations of the website Administration for confidentiality and ensuring the protection of privacy of personal information that the User may provide on request of the website Administration while filling in registration forms or feedback forms on the website
    • Personal data permitted to be processed under this privacy Policy is provided by the User by completing the registration form on the website
    • The Administration collects statistics about IP-addresses of its users. This information is used to identify and solve technical problems, to monitor the legality of the advertising companies and financial payments.
    • The website Administration can use the User’s personal data to:
      • Create an account and for further authentication and for providing the User with access to the personal account.
      • Establish User feedback, including sending notifications, requests, emails, SMS regarding the use of the website and the Company.
      • Determine the location of the User to ensure security and to prevent fraud.
      • Confirm the accuracy and completeness of the personal data provided by the User.
      • Provide the User with effective customer and technical support in case problems associated with the use of the website are encountered.
      • Fulfil the contractual or pre-contractual obligations of the Company with the User.
      • Provide the User with his/her consent, updates of the website/system, special offers, newsletters and other information on behalf of the site.
    • Processing of personal data of users is performed without limitation of time, by any legal means, including using personal data information systems, means of automation or without use of such means.
    • In case of loss or disclosure of personal data, the website Administration shall inform the User about the loss or disclosure of the personal data.
    • The website Administration shall take all necessary organizational and technical measures to protect personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, dissemination, as well as other unlawful actions of third parties.
    • The administration of the website together with the User shall take all necessary measures to prevent damages or other adverse consequences caused by loss or disclosure of User's personal data.
    • The User is obliged:
      • To provide the latest information about personal data required for using the website
      • To update, supplement the information provided by the Company about the personal data in the event of changes in this information.
    • The website Administration is obliged:
      • To use the information solely for the purposes specified in clause 4 of this Privacy Policy.
      • To keep confidential information secret.
      • To take precautions to protect the confidentiality of the User's personal data in the manner normally used to protect this kind of information in an existing business turnover.
    • The website Administration is liable in accordance with the legislation of the Czech Republic.
    • In case of loss or disclosure of confidential information, the website Administration is not responsible if this confidential information:
      • Became public before its loss or disclosure.
      • Was obtained from a third party prior to its receipt by website Administration.
      • Was disclosed with the consent of the User or by the User himself/herself.
    • Before approaching the court for disputes arising from the relationship between the website User and website Administration, it is obligatory to prefer a claim (a written proposal for a voluntary settlement of the dispute).
    • The recipient of the claim shall, within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the complaint, notify the Complainant about the outcome of the claim.
    • This Privacy Policy on the relationship between the User and the website Administration is governed by the applicable laws of the Czech Republic.
    • The website Administration reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy without the User’s consent.
    • The new privacy policy will come into force upon its posting on the website, unless otherwise provided in the new version of the Privacy Policy.
    • All proposals or questions about this Privacy Policy should be communicated to the Administration on the e-mail address:
    • This Privacy Policy is posted on the webpage at