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- realtime statistics
- advanced algorithms
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It all depends on the algorithm

Based on machine learning and our own big data, we train our algorithms minute-by-minute to buy more profitably, to catch bots more reliably, and to target more precisely!
You will have at your disposal algorithms of the Intellect family, planning the targeting and optimization of your ad campaign in real time. Increasing ROI, cutting advertising costs to a minimum while maintaining ROI and volume, selecting profitable platforms for your offer, rotating creatives based on their productivity — Intellect algorithms do it all!

Automated rules

Your traffic — your rules!

Set up automatic ad campaign actions. Save time and spare your nerves. You won't need to bother with routine affiliate manager operations any longer.

Stop unproductive creatives

Don't spend money on bad connections. Our rules exclude everything that doesn't make you money.

Drop unproductive platforms

Automatically assemble your own list of profitable platforms.

Transfer targeting between ad campaigns

Pick the best, and automatically transfer it to a particular campaign.

Control all campaign parameters

Thanks to logic functions, our rules are flexible enough to let you control any campaign or creative parameter.

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Flexible targeting

  • OS + OS version
  • Browsers
  • Connection type: Ethernet, Cellular (2G,3G,4G), Wi-fi
  • ISP / Carrirer
  • Device type: Personal Computer, Tablet, Mobile
  • Device Brands
  • Country + City
  • Language
  • IAB Category
  • Website / App ID
  • Ad space ID
  • Publisher
  • Day Parting
  • IP range

Detailed statistics